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Easy and convenient

Access Control System

From standalone solutions suitable for small offices, residential building or retail stores, to complex systems suitable for multi-door and multi-site installations for larger offices, businesses, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and more, our Access Control solutions will provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, tenants, data and physical assets across your facility.


Safe and secure

Alarm System

Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in urban environments. Simple and practical, burglar alarm systems are one of the most effective ways to protect your property, inventory, customers and employees by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your business From stand-alone door and window contacts, glass break detectors, motion detection sensors and alarm keypads for small retail shops to advanced burglar alarm systems for large businesses and commercial office spaces, we will design and install the ideal burglar alarm system to secure your business & property.

multiple lines controls

PABX Keyphone System

PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system is a great option for small to medium organisations with many staff members. It is essentially your own, smaller version of the phone company’s central switching office. Using a single access number with multiple lines controls all your incoming and outgoing calls, connecting outside callers with inside extension lines and internal extensions with each other. It can be tailored for your specific business needs and as your business grows it is easy to add new lines and features when you need them.


Digital surveillance

CCTV System

Closed Circuit TV Systems installed for security purposes are normally used to manage the movement of people around the areas to be protected. The videos captured by these cameras are stored either digitally or conventionally. The digitally stored videos can be accessed from a remote location. Our company designs integrated systems for projects taking into account all the requirements envisaged by the customer. Large and small projects are designed by considering the operating scenarios provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by the engineers of our company to provide optimum equipment configuration.

How we work

The Project Flow

Assessment & Consultation

Assessment Process begins by understanding the client’s immediate security needs, future challenges and identifying potential points of vulnerability at your building or business. We will prepare a comprehensive security assessment, based on your present system conditions and security policies. This security assessment will help you establish priorities for how security operations will be managed and develop updated security standard procedures.


Design & Planning

After gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s security needs, our design team will follow the initial security assessment to efficiently design a security system offering the highest degree of stability, modularity and scalability. As the design develops from concept to realization, we work in close partnership with clients, architects and engineers to integrate the most robust, technologically advanced and cost-effective security components and solutions to secure your facility and protect your assets.



Completing hundreds of small to complex and large-scale projects, every one of our installations is treated as our most important one. Upon completing the installation, both the system as a whole, in addition to each individual system component, are meticulously tested for proper operation and functionality.



Once security system is fully installed, our security professionals will continue to work with you to maximize your security readiness and to ensure that you utilize the full capabilities of your security system- right up to the moment you and your staff are completely comfortable using it. Providing professional end-user training will instill employee confidence, competency and compliance, help them fully understand how to administer a security system and allow a smooth implementation of even the most advanced security technologies at your business or building.


Service & Maintenance

Our security team will work closely with you to prevent abrupt system failures. But in the event a failure does occur, our maintenance team provides around-the-clock emergency maintenance support, available by phone or on site, to guarantee minimal downtime and ensure optimal system performance. All maintenance work is performed by our experienced security professionals dedicated to protecting your building or business security system through developing a tailored service and maintenance plan and delivering professional service and support. Our maintenance plans are customized for businesses and residential buildings of all industries and sizes. We offer affordable quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance plans for all security system solutions.


The industries we serve

We provide solution for the following sectors

Retail Mall & Shop

To ensure their security in the shop or mall, a fully integrated security solution controlled by a single management software was needed.

Industrial Factory

Factory facility and the complexity of the operations, need to ensure a safe environment for their workers along with maximising production.

High Rise Institution

To prevent stolen property or other unauthorized or dangerous items from leaving or entering. It also blocked unnecessary or disruptive delivery traffic.